Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update and Praise!!!

~ I was reading thru my older blogs here and came upon my prayer request about my Kimberly and her eye. That I decided I needed to update and Give Praise to Jesus about this,and to Thank all that have Prayed for her and her healing.well with that all being said, I will need to now tell you all about it.
~Kimi's eye story..
When Kimberly had turned 16, she was in a car accident.Tho she was not the driver, she was up front.The air bag deployed and smacked her straight in her left eye. To which had detached her retina. We had taken her to Will's Eye in Philly the best in the country. For her retina attachment.
Even though the surgery was a success, there was too much scarring ,from the impact itself to restore her vision in that eye.Her vision in that eye was very bad, it was 200/20 or 20/200 however the way they measure one's sight.:) She could see outlines and had blind spots. We were told that she will never regain that vision again.For over 2 yrs , I prayed everyday,throughout the day. That God would restore her sight. I had put her on prayer requests in Church and on the internet.So many people were praying her. She had developed a cataract in her eye at age 18 from the surgery. I was devastated.But kept on Praying.The doctors said it was small and nothing to worry about and they will keep a watch on it. Well she had become pregnant , and the pregnancy had matured that cataract to a full bloom cataract.Her vision in that eye was now blind.400/20 .. A month after giving birth,she had to have surgery to remove it.Well the surgery had went well.. and at her check up to our surprise her vision became a little better.But still I was not very optimistic, I had gotten my hopes up so many times.So I let that time pass.Well when we went for the final after surgery check up.GUESS WHAT!!! I can still remember the day as if it were yesterday.It was such a Blessing, such a joy.I had cried but they were tears of Joy!! And I Praised God.. Told whoever I could... whoever would listen..I wanted to stand up and shout I was so happy.She was happy.. it was the best news I could have been given! Her vision after cataract surgery went from 400/20 -to 40/20 after we were told by specialists that her vision will never restore from 200/20.So we had thought after the cataract surgery that her vision would just go back to the 200/20 and so did the doctors.But God had a different plan. His plan was to restore her sight. This was truly a miracle from God.No other explanation.She don't even need to wear glasses all the time anymore.Just for far away things.thats it.Oh BTW she always needed a prescription lens for her good eye her right eye.and now.. Its 20/20. Not only did God restore her vision in her injured eye ,but he has also restored her good eye to perfect vision.I am a big believer in Prayer.Prayer in believing,after all ,ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD. Smiles that was July when we had gotten that perfect wonderful news.And her vision is still the same.God truly reached down from the heavens and healed her.

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